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            Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling

            Company Honor

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            Taili is a high-tech enterprise in Shandong province, is the “key enterprise of China automobile parts stamping die”, “the first batch of key enterprises of Yantai automobile parts industrial base in National Torch Program”, is “the rapid die & mould engineering technology research center of Shandong Province”, is the "Shandong manufacturing informatization demonstration enterprise”, “Shandong Provincial enterprise technology center” and “Shandong mechanical industry brand building demonstration enterprise”. Taili plays the social and industrial roles as follows:

               * China Die &Mold Industry Association (CDMIA) Standing Director Unit

               * China Die &Mold Industry Association (CDMIA) Technical Committee Member Unit, Director Unit and Affiliated Unit of Rapid Tooling Technical Division

               * Shandong Die &Mold Industry Association Executive Director Unit

               * Yantai Die &Mold Industry Association President and the Secretariat Affiliated Units

               * Yantai Automobile Industry Association Vice Chairman Unit

            ★Certification of New High-tech Enterprise

            ★Key Enterprise of China Automobile Parts Stamping Die

            ★First Batch of Key Enterprises of Yantai Automobile Parts Industrial Base in National Torch Program

            ★Rapid Die &Mold Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province

            ★Shandong Manufacturing Informatization Demonstration Enterprise

            ★Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

            ★Shandong Mechanical Industry Brand Building Demonstration Enterprise

            ★Yantai Enterprise Technology Center

            Our company is committed to the research, development and innovation of automobile die &mold and automobile body rapid manufacturing technology, has made a dozen of municipal, provincial and national scientific achievements successively, and won patent licensing for 10 projects, including 1 patent for invention. Our company won the first prize of Precision Die &Mold on the all previous Shanghai International Die &mold Exhibitions.  Relying on the technical advantages such as ultrahigh strength plate pressing technology, rapid trial manufacture and assembly welding, Taili undertook the research task for the chassis of Parade car for President Hu Jintao on China’s 60th National Day, and was granted the excellent supplier by FAW Group.

            ★Taili Tooling won the first and second prize of Precision Die &Mold Award on China International Die &Mold Technology Exhibition

            ★ Taili was granted the excellent supplier of FAW by the HQE chassis developed for Parade Car on China’s 60th National Day

            ★ “Rapid Prototyping Technology and Die &Mold Manufacturing Process Research for Products with Complex Construction” won the second prize of Shandong Scientific and Technical Academy Award

            ★ “Low-melting point alloy steel composite die” won the national invention award

            ★”Research on electric arc spraying molding materials, process and equipment” won the Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Machine-Building Industry

                Taili lays emphasis on technological innovation, and has won patent licensing for 10 projects, including 1 patent for invention.